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   Our Value proposition    

Why be a Lebanon SoftShore client?
  • Because we offer a single entry point
    The Cluster offers its client a single entry point to top qualified companies. Based on the client’s needs, the Cluster selects the group of companies that fits his project’s scope. One stop – 12 companies: the client has the choice.
  • Because we are multilingual/multicultural
    Our software companies are ideal partners for European and Middle Eastern software developers. Thanks to their technical and management skills, and to their strong knowledge of the business environment they work in, they can easily adapt to fit the local standards and speak their client’s language.
  • Because we have an extensive experience in international projects
    Members of Lebanon SoftShore are among the sector’s leading companies, each boasting an excellent track record in developing software solutions for regional and international clients.
  • Because we are geographically omnipresent
    We are at a strategic crossroads that links many cultures together. We share the same time zone with Europe which speeds up the pace of collaborative work, while our diaspora in the GCC, the Middle East and Africa helps us benefit from a comprehensive network in almost every part of the world.
  • Because we offer services through high technical skills
    Lebanon’s renowned education system offers optimal recruitment options, providing the market with a highly qualified labor force, on the regional and international level, which makes the Lebanese software companies the ideal partner for international companies.
  • Because we have a good product/price ratio
    By offering competitive prices that are well below EU and GCC rates, Lebanon SoftShore services are accessible to a wide spectrum of clients. Member companies are also able to handle smaller projects.

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