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   Why partner with Lebanon SoftShore?    
  • To access new markets as a Lebanon based IT group of companies
  • To get the opportunity to tender and penetrate new markets as a strong entity, offering a wide range of services and technical skills
  • To allow companies to access business opportunities that would be unavailable to them on their own.
  • To facilitate communication between public administrations and businesses serving as a single entry point.
  • To position the software sector as a main hub due to the central position of ELCIM, its managing Centre, and the industrial Research Institute, its mother authority in the Lebanese arena.
  • To favor training and career recycling of professionals, public servants and citizens alike by means of collaborations with universities, research centers and other clusters.
  • To make their voices heard beyond where they would be individually.
  • To keep contact with international governmental and non-governmental organisations in search of new projects.


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